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Regulatory compliance. Speed. Simplicity.

Teixo GP. Software for eco-parks and clean points


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Chronological records, user control, record of entries, regulation of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), preparation for re-use, annual reports and much more.  

Waste management is governed by increasingly comprehensive and demanding regulations, with a strict penalty system in both Spain and Europe.

As managing facilities authorised to store waste, green points, eco-parks, clean points, deixallerías and garbigunes must have tools that speed up data entry and the standardisation of information.

They include centres in remote locations with large outdoor areas, vehicles constantly going in and out, constant movement, many different types of waste, a lack of staff dedicated exclusively to welcoming users, and at times, network infrastructures that are not too stable.

Teixo GP is specially designed to allow for quick data entry at these types of facilities.

Logo Teixo GP

Regulatory compliance

User registration, incoming and outgoing waste, chronological records, WEEE data, environmental documentation. 

Standardised information

Generation of real-time reports. Standardised and consolidated data. Easy generation of annual reports.

Mobile app 

App for mobile phones with handheld Bluetooth printers, ideal for assisting green-point users while outdoors. 


Integration with other systems

Integration possibilities with other systems to transmit data (fee reductions, rewards for citizens, etc.)

Multimedia information point

Multimedia information point with touchscreen, printer and DNI (Spanish National Identity Document) and RFID reader. Ideal for assisting users indoors.

Speed and simplicity

Quick identification of eco-park users, swift selection of types of waste, simple registration of packages and weight.

Adapted to the environment

Hardware adapted to industrial environments. Both applications can work independently, without a stable connection to the Internet.

Specialized support

Specialized implementation and support provided by experts in the waste sector.



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